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The Beer Stein Shop opens with the promise that we will only sell steins made by the best manufacturers in Germany. All the steins we sell are guaranteed to be authentic German beer steins, hand painted and handcrafted in Germany by strict standards following the centuries old craft of stein making.

Twenty years ago I took my wife to Germany for a vacation and to see some of my relatives I hadn’t seen in years. She fell in love with Germany, the people and the culture. We have been busy since with our brick and mortar store in which we sold Cake decorating supplies and also ran an event and decorating service. The decorating service we still have but now do mainly corporate events. We have been to Germany twice since and plan on returning at least every other year to visit the factories we purchase our steins from in order to keep up with current trends.

As we got older and no longer wanted to maintain a store front due to the long hours it took, we decided to open an ecommerce business. The decision of what to sell brought me back to my German roots and since my wife became fascinated with the décor of beer steins in our house we decided on that. Also I had knowledge of steins from my German background. It also gives us an excuse to go there.

Although we are new in the business we have years of experience with other businesses providing excellent customer service. At present time our inventory is low but we will continue to add to it so if there is a stein that you would like us to offer please let us know and we will do our best to acquire it.

You may email us at support@thebeersteinshop.com or call us 1-866-363-0205

The Beer Stein Shop is an ecommerce Site of JSJC L.L.C. dba Celebrations

P.O.Box 81
Broussard, Louisiana 70518