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History of Manufacturers


KING-WERK is a family owned Stein factory, established and founded by Friedrich Wuerfel and Edmund Mueller in 1949. They are one of the largest stein factories still existing and thrived to be one of the leading internationally recognized beer stein manufacturers in Germany. They are situated in the Westerwald (Western Forest) of Germany, near the Rhine and Koblenz. This region is known for the high quality of its substantial clay deposits, its extensive forests, and for highly skilled potters.

 In 1968 a fire burned the factory to the ground and King-Werk nearly became a part of history. After the fire they were able to salvage all the important molds and were able to rebuild. The rebuilding enabled them to design a new facility much more user friendly in a design that was influenced by years of experience.

King-Werk still produces all of their steins using the same traditional methods used for many hundreds of years and produces some of the highest quality handcrafted German beer steins available in the world. To preserve the traditions of beer stein production, King acquired historical molds from now closed pottery manufacturers and has one of the largest mold archives in the industry with beer stein molds dating back to the 18th and 19th century.

The KING-Collection of Old German, Bavarian, Austrian and Tyrolian Steins, Tankards and Mugs offers you a choice of the most originally and skillfully designed products available. The trademark KING guarantees the most authentic quality to all friends of genuinely handcrafted and handpainted German Steins and traditional European products.


 Thewalt 1893 is the oldest Stein brand established in Year 1893 by Albert Jac Thewalt whose father and grandfather were potters and stein makers since 1781. Thewalt 1893 Steins are magnificent pieces handcrafted and handpainted in the centuries old craft of Stein making which was the key to their success. Located in Germany’s Western Forest, Thewalt Steins are based on antique designs and are made from finest German clay only. Created by skilled German craftsmen you carry on a European tradition with this artful Thewalt 1893 guaranteed authentic and genuine German Stein.

 In the fall of 2009 his grandson Albert J Thewalt announced that the Thewalt company would end it's production of beer steins. He produced limited quantity "Final Edition" steins to mark the end of over 117 years of Stein production. In the fall of 2010 he worked with King Werks to continue production of the Thewalt line of steins that would be sold as “Thewalt 1893” King has been producing this line of steins since January of 2011.

Zoller and Born

Also in the Westerwald region of Germany just a few miles form King-Werks is the other still remaining manufacturer of authentic German Beer Steins. Zoller and Born was founded in 1956 by Alois Zoller and Werner Born and is a family owned business. The specialty of Zoller and Born are highly detailed relief steins that are completely handcrafted and hand painted in their german factory. They quarantee to sell products of the highest quality.

Both Zoller and Born and King-Werks maintain high quality standards and produce their steins completly in Germany. Both seen a need to to distribute to a worldwide market while still producing the highest quality steins. If a stein is made for export it has to be marked "Made in Germany". If it isn't then there is a good chance the mold was made elsewhere.